For Coffee Lovers Who Seek Beauty In Complexity

Small Batch Coffee is an artisan coffee brand committed to handcrafting a unique, satisfying cup of coffee.

Our Artisanship

I’ve always had a strong love for anything that stimulates my senses: pleasing music, fine wine, delicious food, and beautiful art. My passion led me to study music composition in school, where I learned the challenges and joys of creating great music. My experience inspired me to begin my journey as a coffee roaster, blending coffees together to highlight their best notes and create a harmonious whole. Since then, I’ve been formulating unique blends, and roasting coffee for my friends and family for twenty years. I’m deeply satisfied when I see the joy my coffee brings them. I humbly hope that my blends will bring the same joy to you and your loved ones.     ~Tom, Founder Small Batch Coffee Partners

Great Coffee

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How to make a cup of coffee.


We offer our unique blends to the seekers of beauty in complexity. Our audience embraces third wave coffee culture that values artisanship and passion. They see drinking coffee as a full sensory experience that brings them deep satisfaction. We give them the chance to share that joy with their loved ones. Our brand satisfies our audience’s urge to connect more closely with their desires and their community.


“Harmonious” is the first hallmark of our brand. People keep on coming back to our blends because it satisfies their crav- ing for a distinctive yet balanced cup of coffee. The complexity demands us to be perfectly attuned to each texture, tone, and note. But we take great joy in the journey of coffee blending. In the end, the comfort that the delicious balance brings us is worth the challenge.


Quality, not quantity. We roast our beans locally in small batches to guarantee freshness and please your palate. Each blend is patiently crafted by hand, and carefully fine tuned to reach that sweet spot. The result is a unique taste that you will fall in love with. We bring together the best in individual beans to create a better whole, and want to do the same for our community.


Raise your cup for a good cause. We believe in bringing more love to the global community. That’s why we’ve partnered with Compassion International to help release children from poverty. Do good while doing good for yourself. 


"I enjoy drinking good coffee. I've found few great ones throughout the years, but something was always missing, until I discovered Small Batch Symphony. Small Batch is full of flavor and aroma, not to mention delicious. Thank you Small Batch for filling that missing piece of the puzzle, and creating such an amazing coffee." Amy O. Anaheim Hills CA
Amy O.
Anaheim, CA
"I have been drinking one cup of coffee a day for many years, for the health benefits but have never liked the taste. I tried many different coffees and they all had a bitter or burnt taste to me, so I would attempt to cover it up with flavorings and sweeteners. I tried Tom’s coffee and this is the best coffee I have ever had. It doesn’t need the vanilla or stevia, I actually love the taste of this coffee and I can brew it at home. The taste is amazing and rivals coffee from a coffee shop, but the best part is I get to treat myself each morning at home with this wonderful blend."
Teresa K.
My wife and I have been drinking different blends of coffee for years and have never found something that we have stuck with. Experiencing Small Batch Symphony has changed that. Each bag that we get tastes like it was freshly roasted - the profiles in “Toms Blend” are so amazing I could drink a pot of it by myself. Michael Mission Viejo, CA
Mission Viejo, CA