Symphony Coffee

Tom's start

Five years ago my friend Ammar wanted a coffee that would produce a nice espresso, with chocolate, almond and fruit notes.

I had been roasting coffee for 15 years at this time, and I had been experimenting with several blends for years.While I was working on this coffee I decided to see if I could produce a blend that would be a great espresso, but also work well in a French press or a pour over.

After over a year of experimentation and testing, I was able to produce my coffee, Tom’s Blend. I found, sort of by accident, that as an iced coffee the fruit notes are accentuated in a way give it a nice long refreshing finish.

Unlike many coffee roasters, my perspective is that I roast coffee that I feel will be enjoyed by as many people as possible. Many roasters roast coffee that appeals to only small select groups, or is only enjoyable to themselves. I on the other hand feel that the great art of roasting is to be able to create great coffee, that everyone can love. With all my friends asking for my blend, and after receiving compliments from cigar makers and wine makers alike, I started selling my coffee to family and friends.

My friend Allen came up with the idea of starting a company that roasted only in small batches, and roasted to order. Since I’m very involved in writing and playing music, we started Small Batch Symphony. A coffee that I hope you can enjoy in any situation with your friends and family. Cheers!